climate crisis

Floods in Germany are the latest wake-up call in the climate crisis

Germany has experienced nine flood-rich periods in the past 500 years, but this one is different

Heat waves worsen coral reef metabolism — even when they don't bleach

Reefs are feeling the climate crisis through more than just well-studied bleaching

Hurricanes cause more health problems than you might think

New research into when and why people go to hospitals after hurricanes will help these facilities better prepare for future disasters

What’s happening in Texas is climate nihilism

The disastrous blackouts are the government admitting they don't care if some people die

Elon Musk's climate change prize is empty and worthless

Those who control vast sums of money could easily fund real changes and simply choose not to

In Miami, environmental injustice and the ocean tides rise alongside luxury housing

The city's economic divide leaves everyone but the rich vulnerable to climate change, a scene that will play out around the world in the coming decades

This is how climate change is reshaping the entire planet

The ocean is acidifying, Western Europe will chill, crops will fail, and that's just the start

An acidifying ocean spells disaster for marine and human systems

We can avert this and other effects of climate change by decreasing global carbon dioxide emissions

Most people don't really understand how climate change works

How climate works, how it's being altered, and what the future can hold

Polar bear numbers are rising in a once too-frigid Arctic basin

Thick Arctic ice is melting into conditions better suited to life. But the region's warming is trending towards trouble

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The little mountain rivers that create the Amazon might soon be choked off

Life depends on the minerals and sediment rivers carry down from the Andes

A new kind of climate change book brings emotions to the table

"All We Can Save" doesn't shy away from doom or hope, encompassing the enormity of climate change

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Why is the carbon tax, after years of debate, no longer popular in Washington?

Once embraced from ExxonMobil to Bernie Sanders, the carbon tax has been cast aside by both parties — for different reasons