An Arctic Elegy

What happens when the Bering Sea loses its ice?

This is how climate change is reshaping the entire planet

The ocean is acidifying, Western Europe will chill, crops will fail, and that's just the start

Polar bear numbers are rising in a once too-frigid Arctic basin

Thick Arctic ice is melting into conditions better suited to life. But the region's warming is trending towards trouble

How a balloon flying over Antarctica made parallel universes tabloid fodder

No, scientists did not discover evidence for a parallel universe in the Antarctic ice

The scientific community’s fight for immigrants isn’t over yet

Rallying against the ICE student ban is only the first step in supporting our immigrant and international scientists

Could science actually make Game of Thrones happen? Sometimes!

"Fire, Ice and Physics" breaks down the science behind Game Of Thrones, including beheadings, White Walkers and wildfire

A version of this article originally appeared on CBS News

Herds of migrating horses and reindeer could keep the Arctic ground frozen

Reintroducing animals to break up insulating snow patches could save permafrost layers

Scientists use GPS satellites to track Greenland ice sheet melting

Scientists could already measure soil moisture, wind velocities, snow depth with GPS satellites. Now they can also monitor melting ice.

When winter no longer comes, what will the North look like?

Less snow and cold could negatively impact maple sugaring, skiing, and other traditions

Melting sea ice gives phytoplankton the space to pump out cloud-forming gasses

With warming temperatures, microscopic plankton are creating big clouds that could further affect Arctic temperatures

Netflix's Our Planet showed walruses in distress. We need to find what humanity's role is

Understanding walrus-human interactions in the past might shed some light on the "walrus scene"

Dario Veronesi / Unsplash

Ancient Romans never reached Greenland, but the emissions from their silver mining did

Ice cores, used to study ancient climates, also contain the history of the Roman Empire

Toxic chemicals are being freed from melting glaciers

Scientists are finding decades-old DDT and PCB flowing from the Tibetan Plateau