New device blends secrets of beetles and cacti to pull water from fog

Engineers learned from unique surfaces in nature to create an aluminum foil that harvests water from the air

Scientists capture the inner workings of the click beetle's explosive jumps

Jumps like this would shatter your bones. Click beetles use soft materials instead

The Ever Given and the physics of big ships clogged the Suez Canal

Wider and wider container ships carry more cargo but are extremely difficult to steer in tight spaces like a canal

Animal "construction workers" rebuild natural landscapes more efficiently than humans ever could

Ecosystem engineers like beavers and tortoises help restore water cycles and tree cover to degraded habitats

Two mini microscopes watched a mouse’s brain move its body in real time

The NINscope will help researchers uncover how neurons in different regions of the brain interact with each other

Meet Hertha Ayrton, the mathematician who cleared WW1 trenches of poisonous gas

Ayrton was the first woman to recieve the Hughes Medal for outstanding research in the field of energy, but still the Royal Society refused her membership

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Day or night, retroreflective and light-up gear can save pedestrians' and cyclists' lives

Flashing headlamps, retroreflective clothing, and gear with LED lights increase invisibility even when car headlights are used

Robotic skins might enable the next generation of space exploration

Light and adaptable robotic skins can turn inanimate objects into multifunctional robots

A rat with a device attached to its brain crawls through a three-dimensional (3D) maze.

 Grieves et al 2019. "The place-cell representation of volumetric space in rats." 

You live in a mostly 2D world, but the map in your brain charts the places you've been in 3D

Place cells in the brain light up in familiar places, both on the ground and climbing in the air

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Exosuits can restore mobility in stroke patients and soldiers alike

And they're customizable for different types of bodies, gaits, and speeds

Scientists have shown the perfect way to make pancakes, and that has huge implications

Some science is labeled "silly" by the media and politicians, but don't be fooled — simple research is extremely important