The muon g-2 experiment might mean the Standard Model of physics is incomplete, but that's just the beginning

Muons, elementary particles similar to electrons, appear to behave like magnets, but the Fermilab experiment is still not confirmation

The Ever Given and the physics of big ships clogged the Suez Canal

Wider and wider container ships carry more cargo but are extremely difficult to steer in tight spaces like a canal

Is dark matter just made of "antimatter nuggets"?

New research asks how the world would look if chunks of antimatter collided with people, rocks, and stars

2000-year-old shipwreck will help catch elusive neutrinos traveling from distant supernovae

Scientists say that ancient lead from the Roman ship is better suited than new metal

Meet Hertha Ayrton, the mathematician who cleared WW1 trenches of poisonous gas

Ayrton was the first woman to recieve the Hughes Medal for outstanding research in the field of energy, but still the Royal Society refused her membership

Scientists use GPS satellites to track Greenland ice sheet melting

Scientists could already measure soil moisture, wind velocities, snow depth with GPS satellites. Now they can also monitor melting ice.

photos of bright pink and green running shoes

CC-BY Marco Verch on Flickr

The science behind Nike's Vaporfly shoes

World Athletics has put limits on the types of shoes that marathoners can wear to prevent sponsored athletes from having unfair advantages