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Aerosols from urban emissions can, literally, make it rain

Atmospheric model of a Houston storm shows emissions increase rainfall intensity and occurrence

Polar bear numbers are rising in a once too-frigid Arctic basin

Thick Arctic ice is melting into conditions better suited to life. But the region's warming is trending towards trouble

A new kind of climate change book brings emotions to the table

"All We Can Save" doesn't shy away from doom or hope, encompassing the enormity of climate change

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Why is the carbon tax, after years of debate, no longer popular in Washington?

Once embraced from ExxonMobil to Bernie Sanders, the carbon tax has been cast aside by both parties — for different reasons

Cod ears contain a long history of warming in the Atlantic Ocean

Bones in fish ears have recorded evidence of a trend that could mean trouble for fish

Hurricanes are shaping lizard feet all over the world

New study shows that lizards evolve and maintain wider toepads to survive hurricane winds

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Herds of migrating horses and reindeer could keep the Arctic ground frozen

Reintroducing animals to break up insulating snow patches could save permafrost layers

Sanguine glimpses of positive environmental change on pandemic-Twitter

Homebound humans allow Mother Nature to stretch her legs, but that doesn't mean our current situation is a good thing