Summits of underwater mountains are prime real estate for fish

Seamounts in Papua New Guinea have nearly twice the biodiversity as nearby shallow reefs

Tambako / Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

World's highest-dwelling mammal discovered on top of a Chilean volcano

The yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse was found nearly a kilometer higher than scientists thought possible for mammals

Climate change is toppling tree frogs from rainforest canopies

New research suggests that the position of tree frogs in the tree tops is dynamic and vulnerable to warming temperatures

The water supply for billions of people is drying up

The cryosphere is melting, sea levels are rising, and oceans are acidifying, says upcoming IPCC report

What happens when you bring a chicken to the Andes?

Evolution can take many different courses when adapting to the same environment

There's no corner of the globe safe from microplastic pollution

These tiny plastic pieces have now been detected on top of mountains, in the soil, and even in your honey