A scientist wearing a white lab coat and latex gloves holds three test tubes with clear liquid in them up to the light.

John Crawford, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Scientists are testing for coronavirus with genetic "fishing hooks"

Molecular "baits" also make testing for the virus safer for lab personnel

What does social distancing really mean?

Everyone needs to be socially distancing themselves right now. Here's what you should know to protect yourself and others

Children participate in a gas mask practice in the 1940s, Hallow Village Green

muffinn via Flickr  

Pocket-sized DNA sequencers could soon stop food-borne pathogen outbreaks as soon as they start

With new and improving technology, catching the annual romaine lettuce outbreak could get a lot easier

longhorned tick

Self-replicating Asian longhorned ticks have arrived

Climate change is the likely culprit of this new threat to livestock (and possibly humans)