Extinction risks in a rapidly warming planet depend on previous slow temperature swings

Considering "climate memory" changes the risk calculation as much as an organism's geographic range or abundance

Whale sharks' huge bodies mean they've never really been cold-blooded

Studying these enormous animals requires close collaboration between scientists and aquariums

A version of this article originally appeared on Eos

Faraway cities are sending their heat to the Arctic's ecosystem

Even in the remote high latitudes, a new satellite study sees rising temperatures and spreading green belts around cities

Heat waves may drive bees to extinction

Climate change isn't all bad news for our striped friends, but the negative effects of heatwaves will outweigh the possible positive effects of warming in cooler regions

Climate change in the Arctic has ripple effects for all life on Earth

The poles are warming faster than the rest of the planet, causing extreme weather events in the Northern hemisphere

Cats are like tiny, judgmental camels

Hailing from the desert, cats sneer in the face of heatwaves

Climate change harms everyone's health. Yes, even yours.

No one is safe from global increases in extreme weather, disease, and injury