There's more than one way to discover a new species

Papers published this year demonstrate the different paths to recognition

Ocean mammals keep cancer at bay with tumor suppressing genes

Studying how whales and dolphins can evade cancer could help us suppress it in humans

Whale sharks' huge bodies mean they've never really been cold-blooded

Studying these enormous animals requires close collaboration between scientists and aquariums

Drones are better than tissue samples for measuring humpback whale body conditions

The two metrics perform similarly for much of the year, but aerial images capture changes during the breeding season where tissue samples do not

Why did blue whales get so big when their prey is teeny tiny?

When the food source is abundant, animals with bigger mouths can consume more calories.

Forget baby shark: grandma whale, the real hero of the ocean, is looking after her grandkids

New research shows that grandmother orcas greatly improve the survival of their grand-offspring, advancing our understanding of the evolutionary role of menopause