heart disease

Songbirds might hold the key to managing our cholesterol levels

Songbirds have lost "bad" cholesterol and some of its associated proteins over time. This makes for plaque-free finch arteries and a hale and healthy heart

Researchers uncover gut bacteria that can break down cholesterol

Treating high cholesterol by manipulating the gut microbiome could prevent cardiovascular disease

Solitary confinement is bad for the heart too

A new study shows that a third of individuals in solitary confinement are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes

A good defense is the best offense in medicine

It may be perceived as "boring" or "routine," but preventative medicine should be a priority in today's health care system

An aspirin a day might actually not keep the doctor away

Using aspirin to fight heart disease could, instead, have side effects like major bleeding

Meet the first Black woman to earn a PhD in chemistry

Marie Maynard Daly worked at a time when our understanding of DNA was changing in big ways