Songbirds might hold the key to managing our cholesterol levels

Songbirds have lost "bad" cholesterol and some of its associated proteins over time. This makes for plaque-free finch arteries and a hale and healthy heart

New study finds COVID-19 mortality is associated with right ventricle irregularities

Human hearts are divided into two main parts, and the right one has long been neglected by researchers

Solitary confinement is bad for the heart too

A new study shows that a third of individuals in solitary confinement are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes

3D printed hearts that beat like the real thing may make organ transplant lists a thing of the past

Bioengineers solved an old technical problem with scaffolds that melt away when the printing is done

An aspirin a day might actually not keep the doctor away

Using aspirin to fight heart disease could, instead, have side effects like major bleeding

viagra collage

In science, failure can be a blessing. Just look at Viagra

The little blue pill started life as a failed treatment for chest pain