Songbirds might hold the key to managing our cholesterol levels

Songbirds have lost "bad" cholesterol and some of its associated proteins over time. This makes for plaque-free finch arteries and a hale and healthy heart

Declining populations mean young birds have no one to learn their songs from

Young male Regent honeyeaters are picking up sounds from other bird species

Evolution doesn't work the way you think it does

An evolutionary biologist explains all the things you might get into an argument over

Brood parasites are quite picky about who they offload their kids on, depending on the climate

Climate patterns may have driven parental decision-making for birds that lay their eggs in other species' nests

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How did birds become birds? An interview with Jingmai O'Connor

The paleontologist and soon-to-be curator at the Field Museum on excavations, being a party animal, and imposter syndrome

When finding a mate, intelligence matters to female parakeets

A new study finds that female budgies are attracted to smarter partners

How weather radar can predict bird migration

New data helps predict peak bird movements, helping people change their behavior to save avian lives

Boobies of the Galápagos are replacing their disappearing food source with junk fish

Decades of research show how the sardine's decline threatens an entire ecosystem

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Want to know where hard-to-find squid live? Ask their predators

Look, sometimes you need to "offload water" from a giant albatross...for science