A glowing butt might help some pitvipers attract their dinner

Many animals have been discovered to have biofluorescence, but it is not always clear why an organism might have evolved this trait

Strong butt muscles are the key to sprinting at an elite level

Instead of the hamstrings, your butt is the real motor behind lightning-fast sprint speeds, at least if you're an elite male sprinter

Which came first, the butt or the mouth? New research gives an answer

It's a chicken-and-the-egg question, but "which came first?" might not be the right way to think about it

A breathing tube through the butt could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators

Inspired by animals that breathe through their butts, scientists show that mammals can also harness the incredible breathing ability of our butts

 siamesepuppy / Flickr  

Scientists celebrate Inverte-Butt-Fest, a photographic homage to spineless backsides

"Invert butts should be celebrated because they have a wide diversity in form and function, and because they bring us all joy"

This worm has too many butts

Researchers have identified how its internal anatomy adapts as its butts branch off

Escaping through a predator's butt is a common strategy for prey

Some have evolved to just survive, but other species actively seek out being pooped out

Anuses can have teeth, farts can be weapons, butts can be homes: an interview with a farts expert

Zoologist and butt book author Dani Rabaiotti on the worst fart she ever smelled and what new fart research she'd like to see

Conservation dogs can track individual beavers by the scent of their anal secretions

The dogs' accuracy in telling animals apart using information-packed anal scents will help wildlife management

How did human butts evolve to look that way?

An evolutionary anthropologist tackles the mystery of the butt