Nobel Prize

Meet Gerty Cori, the Nobel-winning biochemist who uncovered how the body stores and consumes sugars

Cori's work determined glycogen storage "disease" had several subtypes, each with a unique molecular cause

An accidental experiment discovered new cells in cat brains and led to a Nobel Prize

Cats looking at dots inside a tent revealed the different eye cells that process movement and light

Meet Nobel Prize winner Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, who let doctors see into your blood

Her radioimmunoassay technique enabled scientists to measure hundreds of trace biological substances for the first time

Lise Meitner

Meet Lise Meitner, the physicist who discovered how to split an atom

Her discovery of nuclear fission led the way to nuclear power—and the Cold War

Meet Barbara McClintock, who used corn to decipher 'jumping genes'

Through meticulous crossbreeding, she showed that DNA is far more complicated than scientists originally thought

Meet Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the astrophysicist who first noticed pulsars

Through sheer tenacity she has forged a career in a male-dominated field

Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

Five facts about Linda Buck, olfactory pioneer

The Nobel Prize-winning biologist revolutionized how we think about our noses

Meet Chien-Shiung Wu, the "Queen of Nuclear Research" and destroyer of natural laws

Chien-Shiung Wu conducted some of the most elegant particle physics experiments of her time