mental health

A new drug reduces risk of psychosis relapse in patients with dementia

Pimavanserin has not received approval from the FDA, but study results are encouraging

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 improves mental health

People who received the COVID-19 vaccine experienced less depression and anxiety compared to unvaccinated individuals

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Chimpanzees' brains reflect their early childhood experiences

Proper socialization could make up, in part, for separation of a child from their mother

Yeast could soon make psilocybin cheaper than their magic mushroom cousins can

New work could even lead to psychedelic intermediates not previously available in large quantities

How to stay calm during a pandemic

We all have very valid reasons to be anxious right now. Here's how to keep your anxiety in check

How 14 months in Antarctica changes your brain

Studying the effects of isolated, monotonous environments on the human brain has important implications for space travel

Can AI help diagnose depression? It's a long shot

At the moment, machine intelligence is just as subjective as human intelligence

The unknowns of US immigration policy are increasing anxiety among first-generation Latinx teens

More studies on the long-term health consequences of these policies on immigrant families are urgently needed

Loneliness is an epidemic, and we can turn to technology to fix it

Loneliness is especially a problem for older adults. The solution? More inclusive design.

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Listen to your parents when they tell you to tidy up: it's good for your brain

Neuroscience and psychology findings support the KonMari Method

Microglia may be the missing clue to solve the opioid epidemic

These tiny cells have the machinery to sense opioids, and targeting them may relieve opioid addiction