Genetic engineering can save the American chestnut tree from a deadly fungus

If the USDA approves it, this would be the first use of genetic modification for conservation purposes

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'Symbiosis/Dysbiosis' VR art installation will let you see, feel, hear the invisible

Tosca Terán and Sara Lisa Vogl speak with Massive about stimulating senses in their art

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The little mountain rivers that create the Amazon might soon be choked off

Life depends on the minerals and sediment rivers carry down from the Andes

Caterpillar Costa Rica

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Wasps are parasitizing caterpillars less often under climate change

Changing interactions could lead to a decline in important ecosystem services like pest control

Human disturbance is drying out forests

Thinning out the canopy impacts the water cycle within a forest, causing more moisture to be lost to the atmosphere

Wildfires are both environmental catastrophes and public health problems

The Kinkade fire is sounding alarm bells that cannot be ignored – that California is failing to keep up with what we know about fire hazard and risk

Tree-murdering fungi and insects increasingly contribute to climate change

New research suggests carbon dioxide released from dying forests equals emissions from 11 million cars

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How one invasive plant can change a rainforest

The mountain apple's entry into Indonesia a century ago still threatens biodiversity there