Even short-term exposure to pollution can reduce mental performance

New results from the Normative Aging Study highlight the connection between air pollution and cognitive function

Elon Musk's climate change prize is empty and worthless

Those who control vast sums of money could easily fund real changes and simply choose not to

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Why is the carbon tax, after years of debate, no longer popular in Washington?

Once embraced from ExxonMobil to Bernie Sanders, the carbon tax has been cast aside by both parties — for different reasons

In some places, planting trees doesn't help store any more carbon

New research adds to evidence that simply planting trees won't stop climate change

Viruses exploit marine bacteria for energy

These minuscule interactions could have ripple effects on global carbon dioxide levels

photos of bright pink and green running shoes

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The science behind Nike's Vaporfly shoes

World Athletics has put limits on the types of shoes that marathoners can wear to prevent sponsored athletes from having unfair advantages

You can add almost anything to improve graphene's function, even bird poop

For several years, researchers have been excitedly looking for the best dopant — before realizing that anything can improve graphene's electrocatalytic rate

Scientists have created the first-ever 18-carbon ring, a major feat of molecular architecture

They used electric currents and high-resolution microscopes to remove individual oxygen atoms from a larger carbon molecule

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Acres of saltwater pools in the desert are growing an algae food revolution

High in protein and low in carbon footprint, algae is a breakthrough for feeding the world in a changing climate

By 2100, the ocean will be a different color

Incorporating the colored dissolved organic matter responsible for the color change improves the accuracy of climate models

colorful liquid with bubbles of chemicals

These unregulated, potentially dangerous chemicals are probably already in your bloodstream

Researchers have known that there are unsafe compounds in our water for decades, but the government is just starting to catch up

GMOs can help us adapt to climate change

Like levees and seawalls, GMOs could help us to manage climate change's impact