Access to free school lunch creates health benefits for a lifetime

A study of India's Midday Meal program shows clear nutritional benefits that are even passed on to the next generation

Honeybees experience withdrawal symptoms when deprived of alcohol

Scientists are turning to honeybees to understand alcohol dependence in humans

Domestic cats fall for the same visual illusions as we do

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Even megalodon babies needed nurseries to survive

To look back into shark evolutionary history, paleontologists analyzed the fossilized teeth of these ancient predators

Brood parasites are quite picky about who they offload their kids on, depending on the climate

Climate patterns may have driven parental decision-making for birds that lay their eggs in other species' nests

snake with a dark zig-zag pattern on its back against some leaves

A viper's zig-zag colors help blur their predators' vision

Scientists previously thought that animals' color patterns were either warning signs or camouflage — on these snakes, they are both

Bumble bees cut holes in plants' leaves to trigger flowering

This remarkable behavior was discovered during routine observations of bee behavior