Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD is a molecular biologist who traded in her pipettes for the world of science policy, advocacy, and communication. She is a Senior Producer for the Story Collider and a leadership team member of 500 Women Scientists. You can follow her on Twitter @webmz_

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This technology was designed to grow human cells. Now it's transforming the cultured meat industry.

Inside the breakthrough that could take lab-grown meat from the lab to the supermarket.

Meet Lynnae Quick, NASA's hunter of space cryomagma

Only the fifth African American woman with a planetary sciences PhD, she's on the team hoping to first see Europa's geysers

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Inside Cameron Semper’s efforts to reimagine cultured seafood

Meet the young scientist trying to get the beef out of cell-based fish

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We can talk about climate change with stories of kindness, fairytales, and hope

Speaking with Kate Marvel about the importance of — and the nuances involved in — talking about climate change