Danielle Hope (she/hers) is a writer, runner, and asker of many questions. When she is not reading or running, she is a doctoral student in counseling health psychology and lectures on undergraduate psychology courses. While her research focuses on the health and wellbeing of adults and older adults (mhealth interventions, aging, and cancer health disparities), she is interested in working on science communication that is broad and accessible. Fun fact, Danielle won her first science fair in 5th grade on a project about the super cool dinosaur the parasaurolophus with her twin sister. Reading is her passion and writing is her source of joy and expression

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 improves mental health

People who received the COVID-19 vaccine experienced less depression and anxiety compared to unvaccinated individuals

People with sickle cell disease are less likely to get kidney transplants than those without

Sickle cell disease predominantly affects Black populations, and kidney transplants can save their lives