Conservation Biology

A human-elephant conflict video game may bolster conservation efforts

The multiplayer game tests conservation strategies for farmers interacting with elephants in Gabon, but its lessons reveal a need for human equity

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Yes, you can put a price on nature. Doing so could stop environmental destruction

Gretchen C. Daily won the "Nobel Prize for the Environment" for her work on natural capital

Los datos producidos por los científicos no llegan a la gente que los necesita

Las barreras de pago y lingüísticas hacen de los resultados científicos algo inaccesible para gestores y residentes

Scientists are producing data without sharing it with people who actually need it

Paywalls and language barriers make results inaccessible for local managers and residents

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Inside the political deadlock of establishing Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean

Politics and culture collide as signatories argue over preserving fisheries and meeting conservation objectives

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How one invasive plant can change a rainforest

The mountain apple's entry into Indonesia a century ago still threatens biodiversity there

What modern conservationists can learn from humanity's long history with rainforests

There's a growing body of evidence that humans have been modifying tropical forests for over 40,000 years